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My goal is to share as many lessons as possible (from 40ish years on this mortal coil) that I wish I’d learned at school. I aim to explore the various definitions humans have of freedom and happiness - with a focus on the role our use of language and communication has to play in those things.

A curriculum based on “be yourself and get paid for it” would have been super helpful 25years ago given how the internet has evolved ever since…don’t you think?! I’ll do my best to be a version of that curriculum here.

It’s better for my brain to focus on writing a weekly ‘love letter’, than on social platforms resulting in endless lost hours of scrolling and distraction…

I hope this encourages you to do the same and “consume with intention” by simply reading (or listening) whenever it suits you :)

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I record an audio version of each post to make it easier for those listening on the run/bike/commute etc. This is a handy feature for anyone wanting to work smarter… which should be all of us in my opinion 😉

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Amy Taylor | Be You. Get Paid.

know yourself. know money. be happy.

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Amy Taylor | ₿e You. Get Paid.

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